, 23 Feburary 2016

It’ll take a little getting used to but Swedish brand Kalmar’s DRF100 reach stacker may just steal your heart…

It’s as much about shifting attitudes as it is about shifting containers. Australia has always had an attachment to container handlers when it comes to moving laden or unladen containers.

Most operators grow up using forklifts, so the transition to a larger masted container handler was easily made. There was also the matter of cost, with heavy-duty reach stackers typically costing more than $100,000 above the price of a container handler.

Things could be on the turn, though, especially if Swedish giant Kalmar has anything to do with it.

The DRF100 is an unladen reach stacker which offers a plethora of options to maximise efficiencies in the yard for those bold enough to go with it, all at a comparable price to a masted machine.

To compare it with a container handler is almost like comparing apples with oranges, except that both are working towards the same common goal: moving containers as quickly and efficiently as possible.