Australasian Transport News, 13 April 2015

Available in 1,700kg to 3,500kg forms, the TCM FGE25TF1 is a no-nonsense forklift that works a treat in a warehouse and elsewhere.

I’m driving a 2.5-tonne forklift with the model name TCM FGE25TF1 and the experience is very pleasing. It’s distributed by NTP Forklifts Australia, has a UniCarriers badge alongside its more familiar TCM insignia, and it looks a lot like a Nissan.

The TCM F1 is a good looking character, very dapper in white. There’s a reason it resembles a Nissan: it is one.

It’s a tough machine, as you would expect. Not the most compact or subtle forklift; it does have classic lines that inspire confidence.

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