Photo credit: Ricky French

The wild north-west of Tasmania is one of Australia’s great road-trip routes. Home to coastal towns, sailing clubs and sandy beaches, it also stretches back inland to remote mountain communities dotted with cosy pubs, and the astounding landscapes of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

World-class producers of cheese, chocolate, wine, beer and olive oil take advantage of the rich, fertile soil, fresh water and cleanest air on Earth (actually a fact), resulting in produce of unmatched quality. Down here you really do get out what you put in.

Despite its remoteness, accommodation is plentiful here. Charming old pubs ooze with character and a network of Airbnbs offer views and outdoor spas overlooking the mountains. Wherever you go, you’ll never be too far from magnificent views, majestic waterfalls, pristine rainforests – even decent op-shops.

Here’s a road-trippers guide to the region – what to eat, drink and do, and where to stay…

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