Who said snow trips needed planning?

There’s a misconception that a trip to the snow takes planning. It doesn’t, or at it least doesn’t have to.

Mt Buller is just three hours from Melbourne, and makes a compelling case for an impulse day-trip. Go during the week and lift tickets are up to 33 percent cheaper, and the slopes at least 50 percent quieter. Just wait for the right day, jump online and buy a BTAG (reusable RFID card), add a lift ticket, book resort entry and off you go. That’s the theory, anyway.

But how would an impulsive day-trip to Mt Buller actually pan out? I gathered a crew and kept a diary.

The night before: Check the forecast: a bluebird day beckons. Organise a car pool and make plans to leave Melbourne at 6am next morning.

6:06am: Disaster! Where’s my ride? They’ve slept in…or was I supposed to pick them up? This is bad. It’ll be summer by the time we get there. Who’s idea was this?

6.07am: They’re here! I take it all back.

6:35am: Look at all those other poor sods in bumper to bumper traffic heading off to work…Feeling a little smug.

6:48: Sunrise is seeping across the countryside. A voice in the backseat phones in sick to work (whatever they have seems to be contagious). Our headlights burn portals in the mist as we zip past frost-coated farms. Really hope we don’t hit a kangaroo.

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