Trapping and removal of feral horses within the Kosciuszko National Park can proceed after a legal challenge was thrown out by the NSW Land and Environment Court.

Snowy Mountains Brumby Sustainability and Management Group lodged an ­injunction to prevent the ­removal of feral horses from the Nungar, Cooleman, Kiandra and Boggy plains, arguing it went against the 2008 Kosciuszko ­National Park Horse Management Plan.

The group had claimed the planned removal of up to 4000 feral horses due to pressures brought upon the park from summer bushfires went beyond the scope of the current management plan.

NSW Parks and Wildlife Service wants to remove all feral horses from Nungar Plain and reduce populations in other areas to “sustainable” levels.

The department has erected trap yards and plans to muster and remove horses as soon as practical.

Horses will be offered for ­rehoming, but the vast majority will be trucked to abattoirs due to the limited demand for ­rehoming…

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