The Gordon family has been sharing their cattle station with campers for over 40 years…

Photo credit: Ricky French

Under a grey sky two children sit cross-legged on the grass and witness a natural phenomenon considered either mundane or breathtaking, depending on which side of the Great Dividing Range you were brought up on.
A Brahman cow gives birth to a light-brown calf right before their eyes. The wet, glistening calf sits dazed, his wobbly legs crossed like the children’s, until his mother’s licks encourage him to rise unsteadily to his feet. A fat goanna surveys watches the scene from the margins and flicks its tongue out speculatively, tasting the country air for a scent of the tasty after-birth. It’s just another day in the life of a working cattle station, but for the city kids it’s a monumental event, one they’ll never forget. That’s not unusual. Few forget the first time they camped at Gordon Country. It’s just one of those places…

Full article available in Outback magazine issue 116 – Dec/Jan 2017/18.

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